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Adventure Training

Adventure Training

Adventure training to get you ready for the trail.

Whether you're just beginning your adventure riding experience, or are looking to learn some new techniques, we have a course for you. Each one of our adventure training courses is designed to teach you skills to get you ready for the roads, trails, and/or paths. We utilize a safe, yet challenging, closed-course facility with a certified motorcycle trainer. If you want to partake in one of your adventure tours, but aren't sure where to start, then these courses are for you.

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Adventure Training

Everything you need for the best adventure ever.

From our breath-taking location in Big Rapids, Michigan, you’ll experience top quality off-roading on Triumph motorcycles including the New Tiger 900, celebrated Tiger 1200, Street Scrambler, and Scrambler 1200.

Adventure Training

Level 1 Course

Instructor guided adventure training in our designated closed course training facility and opens up to a guided adventure ride traversing the paved/ dirt/ seasonal roads, ORV routes & trails of western Michigan's magnificent lower peninsula forests. Training focuses on building riding confidence, then developing and improving bike handling and maneuvering skills. This course will provide you with the skills and confidence to use your motorcycle on varied terrain around the world.

No previous off-road experience required.

*Motorcycle Endorsement Required.

Adventure Training

Level 2 Course

Our level 2 course will build on all of the skills from the previous class. We take riders on a short trip through tougher obstacles to help them develop increased control and precision of their bike.

This course is intended for intermediate riders.

Adventure Training

Level 3 Course

Our level 3 coursework includes a challenging array of barriers built to push your skills to the limit. By the end of this course, you will have a comfortable mastery over your bike that you can take out into the real world.

This course is for experienced off-road riders.

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Level 1

  • Bike fundamentals
  • Balance and control
  • Body position
  • Low speed control
  • Bike recovery
  • Braking
  • Hill descent & ascent
  • Momentum techniques
  • Rut management
  • Beginner trail riding
  • Debrief

Level 2

  • Level 1 review
  • Mounting and dismounting techniques
  • Technical turning
  • Intermediate bike control
  • Intermediate rut management
  • Intermediate hill descent, ascend and recovery
  • Braking with skid turns
  • Pre-loading and lightening the front end
  • Tackling obstacles
  • Intermediate momentum techniques
  • Intermediate trail riding
  • Debrief

Level 3

  • Review of level 1 and 2
  • Motorcycle recovery and towing
  • Advanced mounting and dismounting techniques
  • Advanced rut management
  • Advanced hill descent, ascend and recovery
  • Advanced momentum techniques
  • Braking, skid turns, and police turns/whip turns
  • Advanced rut management and balancing techniques
  • Pre-loading, lightening the front end over obstacles
  • Advanced trail riding
  • Advanced tips
  • Debrief

2022 Adventure Training Dates

Two-Day TrainingJul 18-19 (2 Day)$2,100
One-Day TrainingJul 25 (1 Day)$1,200
One-Day TrainingAug 9 (1 Day)$1,200
Dual Sport Level-1 TrainingAug 15-16 (2 Days)$750
One-DayTrainingSep 5 (1 Day)$1,200
One-Day TrainingSep 12 (1 Day)$1,200
Two-Day TrainingSep 12-13 (2 Day)$2,100

3/4 of each Adventure Training day will be devoted to Instructor guided adventure training in our designated closed course training facility. 1/4 of each day expands into a guided adventure tour ride traversing the paved/ dirt/ seasonal roads, ORV routes & trails. Training focuses on building riding confidence, developing and improving bike handling/ maneuvering and applying these skills in an afternoon adventure tour ride.

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